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Yasmine is presently completing a musical theatre commission for the NYC-based Shrunken Sheakspeare Company. She is presently recording the score for the musical with 1092 Studios and Dave White. This music will be released as the sophomore "Van Wild" album, "Into the Wild" and will also be recorded by the cast of the production for a separate studio album. 

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dr Yasmine van w​ilt, FRSA & PhD

                      Dr Yasmine Van Wilt is an award-winning published writer, singer-songwriter, composer, actress, producer and performance artist.                         Her work can be found in print and on radios, stages and screens internationally.

She is committed a climate advocate and has taken a pledge to refuse all forms of fossil fuel funding. 

She constructs alternative historical narratives that empower women and challenge dominant histories.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and was a Thomas Holloway Scholar, an Overseas Research Scholar, and a Newcastle University International Scholar. She has been awarded by The European Union, The Women's International Playwrighting Conference (2012, 2015), Disney, the National Council Teachers of English, the state of Florida and numerous other organizations for her innovative transmedia work, activism and scholarship.