NEWS FLASH! Yasmine Van Wilt aka Van Wild is an official ambassador Canadian ambassador of #ClimateAction, 100 Possible! Other ambassadors include Hillary Clinton, Jane Fonda, Margaret Atwood and Darryl Hannah. Yasmine has taken a commitment to accept NO fossil fuel funding. 

“You’re on an emotional roller-coaster, crying with her one minute and experiencing an incredible high the next. Van Wild makes you feel something, a great mark of a true, masterful artist. The current album, Cherrytree, is definitely on my top 10 list of best female recorded albums of all time. Cherrytree and it’s single of the same name, has gusto, Van Wild’s vocal on that single reminds me of Adele, singing Rolling in the Deep off of her album 21". Leslie Hadaway, Shutter 16 Magazine


​Yasmine Van Wilt is a dramatist, screenwriter, actress, performance artist, producer, academic, composer and singer-songwriter. She has performed her stage plays and musical shows on stages across Europe and the U.S and is published by Oberon Books. She has been the recipient of numerous artistic grants from the European Union, was an Overseas Research Scholar, a Newcastle University International Scholar, a Soho Theatre Young Writer, a 2012 and 2015 Women’s  International Playwright, a National Council Teachers of English awardee and a Disney Dreamer and Doer. She did her Ph.D. in Creative Writing at Newcastle University where she was awarded the prestigious Overseas Research Award and the Newcastle University International Scholarship. At previous institution Royal Holloway, University of London, she was awarded the Thomas Holloway Fellowship. She earned her M.A. from Exeter University in Scriptwriting.  Her work has garnered by critical and commercial success. Her musical projects have reached #7 in the UK Music Week Charts, beating out Rihanna and Justin Bieber (2012) and have most recently reached #26 and #68 in the MediaBase charts (Independent Label Charts, Activator Charts, 2015, both USA). The associated music videos also generated consistent play on major UK music TV channels and significant network syndication and in-store across the USA and Europe (Comcast, OKAY TV Germany, American Eagle, The Four Seasons, Caesar's Palace, etc).



In 2011, Yasmine launched this ambitious project that examines postcolonial torture practices by alienating the audience. She performed the project in Europe. The Top #10 UK Music Week hit "Amazing" was a viral success and appeared on TVs and radios across the UK. Yasmine is currently filming the mockumentary associated with this project. 


Van Wild is a performance art and music transmedia project that reverses the mainstream historical narrative of American history, introducing revisionist, feminist folk narratives through blues-country-rock-folk "roots" storytelling. Yasmine has a deal with Kobalt Records for Van Wild. 


This is a large scale in-development folk musical theatre project that re-positions traditional folk narrative from the woman's perspective. Many Van Wild songs appear in this project. The piece is due out in 2017.


Van Wild is a solo project that features the collaboration of many fine instrumentalists. It is a postmodern, genre-blurring, Amerciana counter-narrative journey through North American history. The albums follow a linear narrative. The stage show is a transmedia extravaganza of music, performance art, theatricality, dance and film. It merges high and low art forms, and although it was born from the academic research of Yasmine Van Wilt, its accessible, radio-friendly and, we hope you'll find, relatable.

Van Wild is an Americana musical, theatre andperformance art project by international (US Mediabase & UK MusicWeek) charting North American singer-songwriter and transmedia artist Yasmine Van Wilt. Yasmine is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and has been recognized by numerous international organizations including Disney, The NCTE, The Thomas Holloway Grant, The Overseas Research Council, the European Union, etc. 

The Cherry Tree album features production by Matt Gordon of 1092 Studios in Nashville and a line-up of world-class instrumentalists including the inimitable bassist and band leader Dominic Davis and guitarist Kurt Ozan. A forthcoming version of "If You Want" features instrumentation and vocals by the legendary multi-platinuum country-pop-rock duo The Bellamy Brothers. 

The album is a mix of upbeat love, social observation, and protest songs inspired by Southern landscapes and folklore. It follows an historical narrative is inspired by real events in North American history, from the perspective of women characters whose voices were silenced from the prevailing historical narratives of nationhood. The album will be widely available in late autumn 2015.

"Cherry Tree" reached #26 on the MediaBase Indie Label charts (April 2015) and is on more than 150 TV stations globally (Comcast, Universal). It has been playlisted by American Eagle, Steve Madden, The Four Seasons, Caesar's Palace, Macy's & more! "Hey Old Man" is a theme song of the 2 Dan's bestselling H8 Society project soundtrack. Released on May 7th via Bit Torrent bundles, the project, which features art by Marvel and DC Comics illustrator Bill Sinkewiecz, garnered over 700K downloads within the first week of its release and continues to gain momentum. Numerous TV, radio and live performances and recordings are forthcoming. Please check the gig list for details. 

The album is due out in the late autumn. Stay tuned; we have big news....!


Yasmine is presently recording the follow-up album to VAN WILD. It continues the narrative that was begun in VAN WILD, engaging with contemporary issues such as women's reproductive rights, police brutality and gun crime. 



Unplugged is a folk musical / radio play series penned and composed by Yasmine. Adapted from her critically acclaimed and European-Union and Women's International Playwrights' Conference awarded one woman folk musical of the same name, the series addresses pressing social issues of our time and features Yasmine, on guitar, performing as the character Antoinette, without a fourth wall, directly to the audience. Song and dialogue are interwoven. More information on Yasmine's Oil Trilogy can be found on: The play from which the one woman show originates can be purchased directly from Oberon Books here: The Independent wrote a great article on the trilogy:


We're Gonna Make You Whole was published by Oberon Books in 2011 after a successful London run. It was the recipient of a position as official selection in the 2012 Women's International Playwriting Conference. 


The final installment in the series, this play is an adaptation of Oedipus Rex. Developed at Joan Littlewood's Theatre Royal Stratford East in London, it was an official 2015 selection for the Women's International Playwriting Conference,.


This is another series that exists in numerous formats. The pieces, originally written for her creative writing doctoral dissertation, were staged with help from the European Union. These dark, dystopic plays propose new, challenging historical narratives and subvert hegemonic 20th century narratives of nation and state-hood. Set in the near-future, they draw from real events that occurred during the Bosnian Genocide, and the late twentieth century occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. The series examines rape culture and draws attention to the parallels between waves of anti-immigration and the fascist political eras that followed. The series features numerous Van Wild songs, performed by Yasmine. The series has an all star cast and has enjoyed significant rotation on British radio. The plays were staged in Europe with the help of the European Union and in the United States by WordBridge.


Originally staged in Greece, this is a two person potboiler that addresses postcolonial atrocities from a darkly comic, claustrophobic narrative. It addresses rape culture and peacekeeper violence.

PART 1 -3 

These pieces explore a post-Apocalyptic world created by WWIII. They position ancient mythologies in the present context, juxtaposing the current immigration crisis with the process of colonization. 

Further information about Yasmine's other plays, both staged and unstated can be requested in writing. 

In January, Van Wild was a selected as a Semi-FInalist for the Belk Southern Artist Showcase and performed for ReverbNation and the media at Nashville's 12th & Porter. Yasmine's previous projects have reached #7 in the UK Music Week Charts, beating out Rihanna and Justin Bieber. The associated music videos also generated consistent play on major UK music TV channels. In 2013, EU funding allowed her to perform at a number of European cities. She has been awarded by numerous organisations including Disney. She undertook a Ph.D. in Creative Writing, is a published author and a trained actress and performance artist. Her work has been staged across the globe to critical acclaim.

dr Yasmine van w​ilt, FRSA & PhD

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